Common Dog Issues

What are some common dog issues you might ask?

Well, if the pooch is still a pup, it is probably just displaying typical puppy behavior. Until it is taught how to behave, by either it’s mom, or you – the pack leader, it will continue to do undisireable things. Such as chewing your favorite pair of shoes. Or constantly getting into the trash. Luckily training a puppy is easy because it doesn’t really have bad habits yet, much like humans.

If your pooch is a bit older, we find that common issues that develop are constant pulling on a leash, jumping up on people, barking excessively, aggression, resource guarding and reactivity to other dogs or people. These issues are actually quite common and take some time to work through – and is often a result of a lack of structure in the home.

If your pup has any of the above issues, we can help!  In addition to basic training, we can address specific difficult issues your pup may have or habits he has developed. Click the images below to read more on a topic.