Training Techniques

There are many dog training techniques out there, but here at DognPooch, we focus on obedience training for the family dog.  We don’t use treats and we don’t teach tricks.  We do think those are good exercises for you to strengthen your bond with your dog. But before you teach tricks, you should always start with basic obedience.  You want your pooch listening to you from a young age for both his safety and your sanity!

The best way to teach basic obedience is through a balanced training method.  It will help the commands stick with your dog faster.  A positive-only training approach does not work for every dog, especially those with a high prey drive.

You’ll find that if you don’t start early, you’ll face common behavior issues that plague many pet owners.  If you start with obedience training, then you can get a head start on preventing a lot of behavior issues before they arise.  In many cases, even if you start early, behavior problems may develop based on an environment change or some other major life change.  If this happens, reach out to us at DognPooch and we can show you a balanced training method using an e-collar to help get your dog’s behavior back on track.

Our goal at DognPooch is to modify behavior problems through owner education and balanced dog training.  We truly want to change your life.  A trained dog is both a calm dog and a free dog.  He can go more places with you and you are not worried about his behavior.  You know your dog will walk beside you, come back when called, and stay on place no matter what is going on around him.  That’s why we provide training for the family dog!