Dog Training Techniques

It seems these days that everyone has their own way of training a dog.  From positive-only behavior training, clicker-only training, to other extreme training methods, DognPooch’s dog training philosophy fits somewhere in the middle. While there is more than one way to train a dog well, we believe in a balanced training approach.  This approach includes the use of helpful training tools such as a 3-foot leach, a 20-foot leash, a prong collar, an e-collar, and a dog bed.  Of course there are other helpful tools (like dog treats!), but these are our favorites and the ones that help achieve the fastest results.

Common Dog Behavior Issues

You can’t train a dog only through praise; you must correct the bad behavior at some point.  If your dog is exhibiting aggression, leash reactivity, resource guarding of food, toys or people, know that you are not alone.  Many dog owners suffer with this bad behavior and many dogs end up in shelters because of their lack of training.  Our preferred tools allow us to train your dog for amazing on-leash behavior, off-leash behavior, and obedience at home. This is part of the balanced training philosophy we use, train, and teach to our clients.


DognPooch’s Dog Training Services

We don’t offer typical dog training classes in Arroyo Grande.  We offer board and train programs and one-on-one training sessions.  This is because we want to give your dog as much individualized attention as we possibly can while serving as many dogs as we can.  No matter which program you choose, we work with your dog to ensure he learns SIT, DOWN, STAY, HEEL, and PLACE.  If you are experiencing other behavior issues, we are more than happy to help with your individual dog’s needs.  Every dog is different and so his training should be special too!