Leash Training

How enjoyable are walks with your pooch? Do you take him on a walk every day?  Do you take him downtown to experience “the life”?  Or do you dread your daily outings? If your walks are exhausting, then you probably could use help with proper on-leash training.

Many owners experience lunging, pulling, and even leash reactivity – reacting to other dogs and people only when on a leash. Some dogs react to moving things, such as the cars that drive by or the squirrels in the field. And despite your efforts, you’ll often find that harnesses do not usually help with pulling. In fact, they can encourage it more, especially for working breeds.  It is important to establish leash training early on, with the proper tools, to create the ideal daily walk with your pup.   Even if your goal is eventually off-leash training, there will always be situations where you will need your dog to behave on a leash.

  • On-Leash Walking – On-leash walking is about using the right tools, setting the right expectations, and leading your dog with confidence. When your dog walks properly on a leash, taking a walk with him will be an enjoyable experience for both of you. We will train your dog to walk calmly on leash next to you without lunging and pulling. As with any other skill, this is best learned at the puppy stage as it’s easier to teach proper habits than to change bad ones later.
  • Off-Leash Walking – Yes, it is possible for your dog to walk calmly beside you without the use of a leash! We will train you and your dog through the use of a remote collar to achieve 100% recall no matter the situation. Being able to take your dog hiking, to the dog park, or the beach without a leash will become a reality.

If you currently struggle to enjoy taking your pet out for a walk each day, our dog trainers at DognPooch can help you remedy these challenges and more. Contact us to provide your pet with the best instruction in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties!

Leash Training is an important part of basic obedience.
Going for a pack walk during a Board and Train outing!
On-leash pack walk with no pulling or lunging!

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