Jumping can be dangerous - especially around kids and the elderly!

Jumping Dogs

Along with the barking dog, the jumping dog is also a major issue. Not only is it irritating when your dog jumps up on your guests and gets their clothes dirty, it can also be a safety hazard to a child or elderly person. Puppies and small dogs often jump just to get closer to your face, and it’s hard to discourage getting a kiss from your dog. Training them from the beginning to stay down is the best way to prevent problems in the future.

If your dog has developed a jumping problem, it can be fixed, but it will take some consistency on your part.  One of the best ways to address this common behavior is to train the command PLACE so that they are focused on being calm.  This also keeps them away from you when you are entering the front door – a common jumping time. Keep them on PLACE when visitors come to the door and when children are running around.  Do not give them the opportunity to jump – unless you are playing fetch and they jump to catch the ball!

The second way to address this behavior issue is to punish for bad behavior in a variety of ways.  You want to your dog to know that jumping is not an acceptable behavior.  You still love them, but you don’t love their jumping habit.

If you have tried everything you can think of – reach out to us at DognPooch.  We can still help!  Sometimes, just a simple demonstration of how to prevent jumping can help.  If that doesn’t work, then enroll you pooch in our Board & Train program and we’ll work on this issue for you. But it will be up to you to keep training at home!