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DognPooch is amazing!

September 9, 2018

Mark Lipes is truly great at what he does. I strongly recommend anyone with a dog in their family take time to send their puppy/dog to Mark’s training. His service is truly priceless. Before choosing Mark at DognPooch to care for our little one I called many, many training facilities within about 200 miles of our town. Not only was DognPooch well priced and close by, Mark was the first person willing to speak with me personally and to send videos and references without me even asking. He answered my many, many questions with grace and authority. We dropped our puppy off with Mark (though I think he might do pick-ups, too) and were pleased and amazed to find the training space not only warm and inviting but also spotless. This is huge and helped us feel great about leaving her there. Throughout the two weeks that Puppy was in training Mark sent us videos and updates about her progress. She was trained with other dogs, cats, birds, people, in the park, on the sidewalk, in stores, and so so much more! When we picked her up she was happy to see us but also sad to say goodbye- another great sign that the training Mark does he does with kindness and a love of animals. Mark showed us what to do and how to reinforce her training at home. He took time to practice with us and was able to tell us where we might need to try a bit harder or what might work best for us with her. So, what does all of this mean now that we have her home? Our dog is AMAZING! She is such a joy to have around. She sits, stays, comes, heels, knows her place (which can be anything I designate as a place), listens for noises we make (pays attention to us) and so so much more. She no longer chases our cats or goes running around when asked to come, she doesn’t budge even when food is dropped on the floor near her. New training we’ve introduced also sticks extremely well. Before DognPooch our puppy was what most would call a pretty good puppy- not too much biting, not too much jumping, regular potty training issues, in fact, my mother-in-law thought we were nuts for paying for training for ‘such a good dog’. Now, our dog is a phenomenal dog! She can meet new people, sit with us at restaurants, stay on her place even in the garage (near loud machinery) or outside near squirrels and cars…I could go on and on. If you’re questioning the worth of such a service, please, please do it for yourself and your family!


Life Changing

September 19, 2018

I own a 2 y/o American Bully that weighs about 95lbs. Before we took him to Mark at DognPooch he was a good dog, the only negative thing was he pulled a lot when walking (he’s strong as heck) and when people would come to visit we had to put him in the kennel because he was just overwhelming to guests (in a good way). Since his training he is a joy to walk, my fiancée and kids can walk him without a problem now. When in the house he goes to his place and stays when told to. I would recommend Mark and his expertise to anyone and to any breed. Thank you Mark for training my good dog to be better.


Life changing

September 18, 2018

Mark is an amazing life changing teacher to our dog Ace. Ace is a 110lb 2 yr old rescue German Shepard that was out of control and we were unable to manage. Ace had no training whatsoever, and I literally was dragged into Mark’s house and pulled into a tree as I dropped him off lol. As an RN and my husband in oil field and a 7 year old we are a busy family and I felt we would never be able to get him under control and feel like part of this family. After meeting Mark and seeing transformation begin on day 1, my heart exploded with joy on day 7 when I walked our dog on a leash for the very first time. I recommend DognPooch to everyone and anyone who needs an amazing transformation or just better control and bonding with their dog. We received videos and communication throughout the entire process and I couldn’t be more thankful. It was worth every penny!!!

Angela Steenport

Such a quick transformation!

September 11, 2018

Our dog Ollie stayed with Mark for a week of board and train. He is two years old but has had wildness issues since he was born, including barking at just about everything and driving me and my wife crazy. We worked with a number of different trainers but he was only able to improve a little. We were nervous about dropping him off at board and train as a number of trainers told us that he would require up to a month away from us and it seemed like they didn’t really spend that much time with the dogs each day (hence the month I guess). Well, Mark turned Ollie around quickly. Mark sent lots of videos of the training throughout each day so we were sure that Ollie was getting the attention he needed, and the turnaround was remarkable. After only about 24 hours it seemed like the barking almost entirely stopped. Mark was amazing in that he got most of his behaviors under control in just a couple days. Heck, he might not have even needed a week. We just picked Ollie up yesterday and things are so much better already. He has only barked a few times since coming home and we are using the techniques Mark taught us to try and eliminate them completely. Last night for the first time he was able to watch TV with us without barking at every animal he saw, and he slept in the same room as us with only one bark the entire night (which was quickly corrected before it turned into a barking fit). He also just seems much calmer.

Marc Hanish

Excellent experience

September 11, 2018

Ellie May was very leash reactive to the point where we could not take her anywhere for fear of encountering another dog and having to endure the resulting explosion. It was weird because she would go to play care every week and play like mad and she didn’t have a mean bone in her body but put that leash back on her and she became a wild uncontrollable dog. She is a 22 month old Standard Poodle and we have been struggling for 20 months with different trainers and classes with no real improvement. Mark trained us as well as Ms Ellie and she is progressing very well. The sooner you find the correct solution for your dog the better off your pup will be. Too bad it took us 20 months but better late than never. We are still a work in progress but now we know what we are progressing toward and how to reach the goal. I loved the videos of the training that you get everyday. I don’t now how he does that without an extra hand but the videos are great. I highly recommend Mark’s program. He is also very kind dog trainer and he took great care of Ellie May for the week that he had her. Her life is going to be so much better now that she can go everywhere with us.

Beth MacConnell

Our dogs are transformed!

September 9, 2018

Mark Lipes’ dog training is amazing! We have two dogs (Bichon and Boxer) and both were difficult on walks especially when the boxer saw other dogs. And at home, our dogs would only listen to commands when they wanted to. Sound familiar? After Mark’s training, our dogs are perfect on walks (even off leash … yes, of leash) and they actually listen at home. Magic! Thank you Mark for helping us realize the best versions of our dogs! If you want to see a “transformation” in your dog, you owe it to yourself to get Mark involved. Like us, you’ll be amazed!

Tony B.

My dog was not the same dog

September 9, 2018

When I picked up my Border Collie, Sunny, from Dognpooch, he looked like the same dog, but acted like a completely different one. Sunny was a rescue puppy from the shelter and was afraid of hardwood floors, men, vacuums, driving in cars, and loud noises. He was also very undisciplined and full of energy. When I got him back he was calm, not afraid, and well trained. I still have to work with him to continue his education, but the money was well worth it. I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to change their dog’s bad habits and or train them. Sunny and I owe him so much!

Katherin Folkerts

Now a well behaved member of our family

September 9, 2018

We sent Abby to Mark because she was constantly jumping up on our visitors, jumping out the backyard and not listening when in public. She now comes to ever recall command, walks off leash, sits and stays, knows place command and much more. She no longer jumps out of the yard even though she still could. She is a great listener and still has her wonderful playful personality, just at the right times now.


Mark is the best!

September 9, 2018

Mark did a wonderful job with Coco. It’s like she’s a whole new dog – or rather a better version of herself. And our life at home is so much more peaceful! If you’re looking for a dog trainer that can help, call Mark. He’ll help you and transform your dog.

Anna P.