Board & Train Programs

Our passion at DognPooch is changing lives – both dogs’ lives and your life as well. The best way we do that is through our one or two week Board & Train programs.

We’ve found that our Board & Train program allows us to focus on your pup and to get results faster than typical classes or one-on-one sessions. It also allows us to address any severe behavior issues and correct them quickly.

We host your pooch in our training facility – currently a residential home in Orcutt, California. For one to two weeks of training, your dog is taken in, cared for, socialized, and taught the behaviors expected of him. He is exposed to structure and routine.

We use our e-collar training methods to safely train your dogs and will teach you how to properly use this tool. This tool, provided by E-Collar Technologies, is required for the program and is $200 in addition to the cost of the program you choose.

You may choose one week of training for $1200 or two weeks for $2000. The longer your dog is with us, the better and more ingrained his training will be. Dogs who are aggressive towards people require a special training plan. If your dog fits in this category we will meet with you ahead of time to discuss your options.

If you are looking for the best value when it comes to training packages, this is it! You will get results the quickest using this training option.

Practicing Place with multiple dog distractions during a Board and Train at DognPooch
Practicing Place on a pet cot during a Board and Train Week!
Going for a pack walk during a Board and Train outing!

Purchase a Board and Train Package

1 Week – $1200

2 Weeks – $2000

Why Board and Train?

You may be wondering why a Board & Train program is a good option for your dog…

While there are many answers to this question, often just removing dogs from their usual environment may be exactly what they need. Since we do not have a prior relationship with your dog, we are able to set ground rules from the beginning. Your dog learns right away what is acceptable behavior and what is not going to be tolerated.

What’s included in the program?

Over the course of the program, your dog will learn basic obedience commands. We work on recall, ensuring your pup comes to you every time you call despite distractions. Your pooch will learn to heel, both on and off-leash. (This is a game changer for many owners!) “Place” is taught and reinforced throughout the program. This command is important because it teaches your dog how to be calm.

Board & Train programs allow us to expose your dog to many situations and reinforce the good behavior they’ve been practicing at our facility. This includes training basic obedience and socialization. Every dog is at a different level when it comes to social skills and we realize that proper, safe socialization is very important. This is why trips to the dog park or to Home Depot are common during a Board & Train.

At the end of the training program, we show you exactly what we did so you can keep up the training long after we’ve helped. It will be important to keep up with the structure we’ve established for a minimum of 90 days to help reinforce the new behaviors.

No matter what the underlying cause of your dog’s behavior issues may be, we will train them to make better decisions. In a matter of days, you’ll be amazed at how much calmer and well behaved your dog is!

Learning "Down-Stay" during his Board & Train!
Outing to the Beach during our Board and Train!
Practicing Heel during a Board & Train

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