Many of the dogs we work with experience the greatest improvements in behavior while attending our one or two week BoardnTrain programs. All the training is done in our facility where the dog learns to perform obedience commands and live a structured life in the midst of high distractions.  The focused attention to your dog allows us to address even the most severe issues and correct them quickly with lasting results.

In addition to working on the basic commands, we will train your dog to walk properly on a leash or off! Imagine a dog that stays by your side as you walk and comes when called every time even when off leash!

We will also introduce you and your dog to E-collar training. An E-collar works by re-focusing your dog’s attention to you and away from the distraction that is causing inappropriate behavior. This is one of the most effective methods of dog training and is not harmful in any way to your dog. You will learn how to control the E-collar to achieve the desired corrections in your dog’s behavior.  We use E-Collar Technologies collars and the cost of the collar is in addition to the training program.

I train dogs through a one or two week program in my home. Once the dog has completed this program, I come and work with you.

I use the E Collar method of training. Some people call this a shock collar and see it as a cruel and inhumane method of training. The collars I use are the very best available and do not harm your dog in any way. I start with the lowest setting a dog responds to and train through repetition at that low level. These collars also offer tone and vibration settings which are sufficient and effective in some cases. The collars are $200 each. A week of training in my home is $700 and 2 weeks is $1200.

I will train your dog to come every time you call him. He will also learn to walk beside you without you holding onto the leash. I teach them the Place command so that every time they come into the house they will go directly to their bed and stay there. We also work on dog socialization. Every dog is at a different level when it comes to socialization and being socialized is very important. Dogs who are aggressive towards people require a special training plan – if your dog fits in this category I will meet with you ahead of time to discuss it.


1 Week

2 Weeks