Walks are no fun with a pulling or lunging dog.

Leash Pulling

Walking a dog that constantly pulls on the leash is not an enjoyable experience.  It can be hard to find the motivation to take your dog out when you feel like it is a constant struggle. Leash pulling gets tiring fast, especially when you have a strong dog. And soon, your dog may train YOU to NOT walk him if he can’t stop that behavior.  This is the last thing we want.  Walks should be enjoyable, bonding experiences with your pooch. A properly trained dog will walk steadily at your side without pulling and lunging. Teaching your dog that you are in charge is key to training him to walk calmly alongside you.

Leash Reactivity

Another common problem owners may face on a walk with their pooch is leach reactivity.  This is when your dog barks and lunges, sometimes in a seemingly aggressive manner, at other people or dogs. It can be embarrassing. It can be dangerous. Even if your dog is not aggressive, this behavior seems aggressive and gives a negative impression of your pooch. While this issue is more common than you may think, it can be addressed.  The best way is to keep your dog calm and focused on you during a walk. Ensure you are training during your walks – with structure.  No stopping, no sniffing, no potty-ing until you give some indication that it is okay to do so.  Catch your dog’s attention before his ears perk up at seeing the dog across the street.  Practice eye contact with your dog.  Walk, then stop, then down, then walk again until he understands that you are leading the walk and he needs to pay attention to you.  If you experience leash reactivity and have tried to solve this issue on your own, give us a call to schedule a Board & Train program so we can get this behavior under control!