Aggressive dogs are dangerous if you do not get them under control quickly.


Aggression can include a number of different issues depending on the dog.  However, it is almost always a result of a lack of structure in the home.  No matter the cause, it is a dangerous behavior that needs to be remedied quickly!  The following behaviors are quite common:

  • Resource guarding food, things or people. – Sometimes dogs will become possessive of their things, see them as valuable resources they do not want to share or lose.  This is seen most commonly over food, growling if you go near the food bowl while they are eating.  But it is also a behavior that can apply to anything or anyone.  Your dog could guard you as it’s most precious resource!  Resource guarding can include growling, barking, and biting.  You can see why this behavior needs to be trained and corrected as soon as possible.
  • Aggression toward other dogs – This can be a very dangerous situation not only for the dogs involved, but for any person who tries to intervene. It can show itself through growling, lunging, or snapping at another dog. But it can also manifest itself in extreme submissiveness and fearfulness around other dogs.
  • Human aggression – This is probably the most serious offense a dog can commit. Growling at, snapping or biting a human is not a behavior that can be tolerated from a member of your family. Getting to the bottom of the issues and retraining them is a complex process.
  • Mouthing /Biting – Though this is not a form of aggression at first, it can lead to aggression or aggressive actions later in life.  Much like a human baby, a dog uses its mouth for more than just eating. They use their mouths to explore their environment as well as to give displays of affection. Teaching your dog when mouthing or biting is not allowed is crucial if he is to be a part of your family.

If your dog is displaying any of these behaviors, we recommend a special Board & Train program to help rehabilitate your pooch.  It will take patience and work, but it can be done and is soooo worth it!