An E Collar training system consists of a wireless remote control held by the trainer and a wireless collar that is worn by the dog. The collar can emit a tone, vibration, or variable “shock” to the dog. While some dogs respond to the use of a tone, some require a stronger stimulus to achieve a correction in behavior. The vibration or shock is targeted to the neck muscles of the dog and mimics the touch of the mother dog when teaching her pup about unacceptable behavior. Some behaviors such as excessive barking or running into the street are better corrected through the use of an E Collar trainer.

Some people are put off at the very thought of “shock training” and we do not endorse any form of training that would be harmful to your dog. By learning to use an E Collar correctly, you will teach your dog to associate unwanted behavior with a negative stimulus not with you, and he will more readily make the necessary changes.

The tools we use at DognPooch!
Practicing Place with the e-collar