One-On-One Training Sessions for San Luis Obispo County Residents

This is our second most popular package for training your canine is our one-on-one training package.  It consists of three (3) sessions which cover the three basic steps to full off-leash training using an e-collar.  During the first session we learn the command “PLACE” which teaches your dog the pressure on … pressure off sensation of the e-collar.  We will have your dog staying on place in your home with a calm state of mind for the very first time.  After a week of practice, we return to teach the command “COME” which teaches your dog full recall. On the third and final visit, we teach your dog the command “HEEL”.  Your dog will learn to stay beside you no matter where you walk.  You will now have a fully trained off-leash dog.

Your dog will be following all the basic obedience commands in very little time and you will learn how to develop a structured routine to teach your dog fair boundaries and rules that allow him to be included in every aspect of your life.

Other issues we address are:

  • Focus to the owner
  • Bolting out the door
  • Jumping on people

A typical session is one hour in your own home.