Starting early with puppy training is key! Puppies begin learning at birth and spend the first 7-8 weeks of their lives socializing with their litter mates. Once they become part of a new family, they need to continue socializing and training. Your dog will likely be a part of your family for 12 to 18 years so getting him started with good training early is the best bet for a long and happy relationship.


As professional puppy trainers, We start working with puppies as young as 8 weeks. We use clicker training to teach them basic dog commands. We also teach the basics of walking while on a leash, as well as introduce the puppy to the rules of the house. This training is individualized as these are your rules for your house!

puppy training

Typical Puppy Training Issues

  • Biting and Mouthing – Biting and mouthing are common when puppies play together but need to be controlled as a dog grows older. Normally this training happens within the litter, but when a puppy comes to a new home it’s up to us to train them to control this behavior.
  • Jumping – While a puppy jumping up and down may be cute, as a dog grows older it can cause harm to people and itself with continued inappropriate jumping. And you certainly don’t want your dog jumping on guests or other family members. Teaching a puppy to stop jumping is easiest done when the training starts at a young age.
  • Crate training – A crate can give your puppy a sense of security as well as be an aid in house training. A dog will typically not soil its sleeping quarters if given ample opportunity to relieve themselves in a proper location. Staying in its crate when you are away also lets you know your dog is not going to be causing trouble while he’s alone.
  • Leave it command – Teaching a puppy to drop and leave something is not just a useful command, but can also save them from chewing and swallowing something dangerous or just plain disgusting. Your puppy will learn to refocus his attention back on you and away from the distracting object.
puppy training

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